11-13 Dec 2013 Nice (France)



Biological systems are natural systems subject to the laws of physics and mathematics. For evolution, these laws are both constraints and support for species selection. The physical and mathematical phenomena are often involved in "organization" of biological systems , such as the emergence of forms or complex spatial and temporal dynamics. Interactions between biology, physics and mathematics are proved indispensable to the study of such systems, which is why they have grown dramatically in recent years around the thematic field of complex systems in biology.

 The role of this Biology - Physics - Mathematics meeting is to bring together researchers involved in these interactions, they are biologists, physicists and mathematicians. Without being exhaustive, this meeting will discusses various problems that span many scales of life, such as molecules, membranes, cells, biological fluids, morphogenesis, plant biomechanics or collective phenomena.

Welcome reception will be held Wednesday, December 11 from 12am to 13:30 LPMC, Avenue Vallot, just before the entrance to the campus Valrose, Tram Valrose (see informations/ " how to come" ) . The conference will then be held at LJAD, higher in the Valrose campus.

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